Everyone knows that production is at the root of value-added, however, just making improvements here will not be enough to reduce long term manufacturing and operating costs or increase overall efficiency.

Kaizen across the entire value-added chain and Office Kaizen

All departments and processes are interrelated and connect to one another. Changes in one area impact other areas so that any change must be carefully weighed in relation to how it affects other business processes. Ancillary processes may also need to be refined and optimized to increase the functional efficiency of the whole.

  • Production scheduling
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Order processing
  • Construction / R&D
  • Purchasing
  • Supplier management
  • Disposition / warehouse
  • Quality management
  • IT system
  • Control
  • HR management

KPC Lean consulting for Office Kaizen goes beyond the 5S principles. Our Kaizen coaching gives competent Lean guidance for holistic process improvement and business process optimization. Step- by-step we use our KPC multi-phase method to optimize all upstream and downstream processes in a way that benefits the entire value stream and not just one department. Kaizen Training and mentoring for individual employees is an important facet of our Kaizen Coaching program and equips your workers with the tools and skills needed to work proactively, and strategically improve office operations.

Identify and eliminate problems quickly and efficiently

Achieving Lean production (lower running costs, greater efficiency) is a constant challenge for any manufacturer, and the primary goal of any Lean transformation is to reduce overall lead time and lower inventory levels. The first and most foremost step in this Lean journey is an uncompromising analysis of the process flow and implementation of a radical Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) plan to eliminate waste, optimize workflows and realize a high level of process synchronization.

Some of the world’s leading manufacturers only have a pure value-added time of 1%!  This means 99% is either unavoidable non-value-added time (“a necessary evil”) or simply….waste. This is where the greatest untapped potential for optimization lies in any company.

KPC Lean consultants focus on locating this potential, driving out waste, improving process flow and establishing Lean as an engine for corporate growth.  

KPC support              

A core competence of our KPC Lean consultants is their ability to analyze problem areas quickly and create an action strategy to implement the measures that will result in sustainable improvement.

  • On-site
  • Together with your employees and management team
  • Integrate Lean thinking and Lean habits into your company culture, i.e. establish a true Kaizen Culture

Our KPC Lean consultants have a deep understanding of Lean and possess the soft skills needed to perform both at the top management level as well as on “the front line” or factory floor. In any situation or location, KPC provides the qualified guidance required to deploy best-practice Kaizen.