Management consulting for maximum cost reduction in industrial production

Time is a limited and valuable resource. Let's handle it with care!

Conservation of resources and sustainability are terms that a company cannot avoid, and today it is more important than ever to conserve resources. For an entrepreneur, this means using all available resources as efficiently as possible.

Production technology and engineering play an important role here. However, it is just as important to “engineer” business processes  so that work can be carried out with as little waste as possible. Resources and materials must be used in precise doses so that all processes can work "lean" and the company as a whole can work "lean".

Furthermore, it is not just about certain aspects of the absolute use of resources, but also about the synchronization of the processes. Compared to an orchestra, it must be clarified beforehand who will use which resource and for how long. At KPC we call this “orchestrated production”. In order for this to be possible, the lean perspective must be broadened.

Production is where value is added, however the upstream departments or departments working in the background must also be integrated into this "orchestra".

The lean consultants from KPC support you in the implementation of a "Synchronized Lean Management System", because a holistic approach is crucial for sustainable success. We are at your disposal with our know-how and more than 30 years of experience in optimization of sales processes, engineering, procurement, production, aftersales and administration in a wide variety of sectors and industries.

KPC Lean Consulting helps to ensure that the locations of the companies we support continue to exist for generations. Consequently, we focus our advice on reducing costs through increasing efficiency.

Contact us and we will help to design a tailor-made approach just for you!


What customers say:

The introduction of synchronized variant flow production has increased productivity by more than 50% and cut lead times in half.

Andreas Daniel, Head of Manufacturing, Procurement & Logistics

SCA Schucker GmbH & Co KG

The cooperation with KPC has made Siemens Schaltanlagenwerk (switchgears) Frankfurt successful.


Frank Möser, Head of production planning and FPS

Siemens Frankfurt

We have achieved considerable improvements, lead time reduction and decreased costs.


Michael Pavlidis, Managing Director

Alfred H. Schütte GmbH & Co. KG

KPC's implementation workshops helped us to increase productivity and efficiency in all areas, reduce inventories and overall lead time, and optimise the factory layout.

Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Armin Decker, Operations Manager, Authorized Officer

J.D. Neuhaus GmbH & Co. KG