Management consultancy to achieve maximum cost reduction
in industrial production


KPC Production System Engineering was founded in 1996 and is a worldwide operating consulting company for the manufacturing industry with a holistic approach.

Our consulting is firmly grounded in the Kaizen-philosophy which after years of wide-ranging, practical experience has gradually been distilled into our own, unique “KPC-method”.

What sets KPC apart from other consulting companies?

  • The KPC-Method is strictly success-oriented - our client’s success – and that success shows up in lower operating costs, in your P&L statement and balance sheet.
  • KPC is one of the few European management consultancies with enough key expertise to be able to consult top Japanese production companies in Lean management.
  • KPC is not interested in selling a large number of consulting days but focuses on getting results for their customers, as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The KPC-Method can work for you!

KPC consultants are experts in Lean Management and Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement and draw from both these philosophies in applying the KPC-method:

  • The KPC-method focusses on reducing the total manufacturing and operating costs, and all measures and activities are designed to achieve this primary goal.
  • With so-called “Micro-Kaizen”, isolated improvements are achieved within a limited range (5S, workstation layout, Office Kaizen, Kanban System…).
  • KPC concentrates on a holistic approach which involves all interconnected areas and departments.
  • The methods and principles of Just-in-Time production are applied throughout the entire valued-added chain to achieve end-to-end efficiency.
  • We provide on-site support during the practical deployment phase.
  • Kaizen coaching and Kaizen training for the company's employees and management team.