Lean management consulting with first-hand experience


KPC Production System Engineering was founded in 1996 and is a worldwide operating consulting company for the manufacturing industry with a holistic approach.

We are proud of the fact that our first Master Consultant learned the Kaizen/Lean philosophy first-hand from Taiichi Ohno, co-founder of the Toyota Production System. After many years of wide-ranging, practical experience this knowledge has been distilled into our own, unique, „KPC-method".

What sets KPC apart from other consulting companies?

  • The KPC-Method is strictly success-oriented - our client’s success – and that success shows up in lower operating costs, in your P&L statement and balance sheet.
  • KPC is one of the few European management consultancies with enough key expertise to be able to consult top Japanese production companies in Lean management.
  • KPC is not interested in selling a large number of consulting days, but focuses on getting results for their customers, as quickly and cost effectively as possible. 

KPC Lean consultants can help you company achieve greater success

KPC consultants are experts in Lean Management and Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement and draw from both these philosophies when applying the KPC-method:

  • The KPC-method focusses on reducing the total manufacturing and operating costs, and all measures and activities are designed to achieve this primary goal.
  • So-called “Micro-Kaizen” only achieves singular improvements within a limited range (5S, workstation layout, Office Kaizen, Kanban System…). KPC concentrates on a holistic approach which involves all interconnected areas and departments.
  • The methods and principles of just-in-time production are applied throughout the entire valued-added chain to achieve end-to-end efficiency.
  • We provide on-site support during the practical deployment phase.
  • Kaizen coaching and Kaizen training for the company's employees and management team.