Elimination of waste, reduction of lead time



Our consulting focuses on increasing the proportion of value-added time.

  • Analysis of the current processes and activities
  • Categorization and quantification of process activities into value-added activities and necessary, non-value-added activities as well as "muda"
  • Elimination of "muda" (waste)
  • Re-engineering of value-added and non-value-added activities. With this step the lead time can be reduced by 25 % to 50 %.

Eliminating the root causes leads to rapid success



KPC consulting focuses on optimizing the value-added chain. We do not just concentrate on numbers, production costs, quality issues or sick time, but work together with the employees to solve daily problems on the shop floor.

If a coach only demands victory from the team without giving guidance on how to achieve it, this leads to resignation. Just concentrating on results is demotivating.

KPC consultants develop solutions together with the employees in order to achieve set goals.

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