Establish a Lean Management System by implementing measures on-site (Gemba)

Based on our many years of experience with customers worldwidewe have learned that many companies have difficulty establishing the lean management system sustainably.

It is clear from the start that Lean is management's business! The management itself must display a clear commitment in order to be able to lead the various departments in the "way" of lean. As a first step this includes questioning the existing standards of all processes, new standards are defined and everything is continuously optimized. It is also an important management task to monitor compliance with established standards. Furthermore, management must not only "carry the employees" but also involve them in the lean process.

We help you create this understanding in management and roll out the lean management method in the respective departments both productively and administratively.


Our approach:


Everybody at the same table

Irrespective of their position within the company, all participants work as a team to develop practical solutions for increasing efficiency together with the KPC lean consultant. The participation of members from top management is very important in order for them to understand the value creation processes on-site and keep decision-making processes short.

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