Optimize your production scheduling
with Asprova's APS/SCP software


According to Taichi OHNO (1912-1990), founder of the Toyota production system, the main reason for the first 4 of 7 Mudas (wastes) is inadequate production planning. Thus, the optimization of production planning is an important aspect of all Lean/Kaizen measures.

Due to today's high product variation and complex manufacturing processes, it is not possible to achieve a satisfactory planning result only by using a Kanban system or a software with simple algorithms. Because of these complex scheduling challenges most companies continue to do their planning with ERP systems and Excel.

At present, over 60% of Japan's top Lean companies are using Asprova's Lean Planning Tool. Asprova's APS/SCP is a world-class software which delivers realistic production scheduling and supply chain planning. Asprova is a partner company of KPC Production Engineering GmbH.

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