Optimize production planning
with Asprova's APS/SCP software


According to Taichi OHNO (1912-1990), founder of the Toyota production system, the main reason for the first 4 of 7 Mudas (wastes) is inadequate production planning. Thus, the optimization of production planning is an important aspect of all Kaizen measures.

Due to today's high product variation and complex manufacturing processes, it is not possible to achieve a satisfactory planning result merely by using a Kanban system or software with simple algorithms. In reality most companies do their planning using ERP systems and Excel.

At present, 60% of Japan's top Lean companies are using Asprova's Lean Planning Tool. Asprova's APS/SCP is a world-class software which delivers realistic production planning and supply chain planning. Asprova is a partner company of KPC Production Engineering GmbH.

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