Reasons for the inadequate implementation of Lean measures

The theories of Lean and Kaizen are widely known, and many textbooks have been written dealing with the methods of tact-time, SMED, one-piece flow, TQM and process leveling. Consulting companies also offer Lean training seminars, workshops or simulation training with Lean “kits”.

However, the biggest challenge remains - how can I successfully put these theories into action in my own company.

At the start of a Lean transformation there are few measures that do not impact other departments. Therefore, it is important from the outset that all departments – from sales to planning, design, purchasing, warehouse, production ,shipping, quality control, IT and maintenance – all work closely together in a coordinated effort.

The main reasons for the inadequate implementation of Lean measures are

  • Individual departments don`t have a clear “future state” vision to work towards, employees lack signposts to guide them or are pursuing different goals.
  • Lack of coherent management goals.
  • Interdepartmental goals are not aligned or synchronized with management's future goal.
  • Individual employee goals have not been clearly defined or communicated
  • Lean philosophy and Lean management is not properly understood (especially in Sales and R&D).
  • Employees have not been trained in Lean philosophy and methods
  • The necessity for implementing Lean initiatives is not understood
  • No one feels responsible, there are no consequences for inadequate implementation
  • Managers don’t have time for improvements because they are too busy with routine duties or “fire-fighting” activities.

Only results count

In our Kaizen consulting for just-in-time production to reduce operating costs, we follow the motto "only results count"!

  • KPC analyses your current situation, the problems and their causes.
  • According to the Kaizen philosophy, we create a tailor-made catalogue of measures and an implementation plan for your company, following our motto: "only results count".
  • KPC on-site support
  • The engaged and creative cooperation between our Lean consultants and the client’s team in the successive implementation of measures leads to Lean production with increased productivity and lower operating costs.