The Challenges of Industrial Production

Despite the use of relevant Lean consulting or Kaizen training in Lean academies, the problems and challenges can usually not be solved sustainably. To know the theory is one thing, the implementation in practice in your own company is another.

In our experience, production companies are often confronted with the following challenges along the value-added chain:



Long lead times



Low resource



High production and operating costs



High inventory



Poor on-time delivery performance



Inadequate implementation of Lean measures

The KPC solution:

  • KPC analyses your current situation, problems and their causes.
  • According to the Kaizen philosophy, we create an individual catalogue of measures and implementation plan, whereby only results count.
  • KPC supports you on-site.
  • Through active cooperation between our Lean consultants and the customer in the successive implementation of measures towards Lean production, a significant increase in productivity and reduction of operating costs is achieved.

The modern requirements of production companies:

flexibility and speed