Challenges to Industrial Production

In the past, as now, the industry expects high quality products at fair prices and with ready availability. In global competition, individualized customer requirements lead to greater complexity in order processing. There are also other challenges such as environmental protection and sustainability.

Such diverse challenges can only be managed if we start optimizing all processes so that all resources in the entire value-added system are used more efficiently and in a more targeted manner.

"Lean" means designing all processes, methods and systems, whereby material, resources and energy are used synchrone and just-in-time, creating a perfectly "orchestrated" system - similar to an orchestra where the interaction of instruments is perfectly coordinated by the conductor, resulting in harmonious and enjoyable music.

Despite the use of relevant lean consulting or Kaizen training in lean academies, the problems or challenges cannot usually be solved in a sustainable manner. Knowing the theory is one thing, putting it into practice in-house is another.

In our experience, manufacturing companies are often confronted with the following challenges along the value-added chain:



Long lead times



Low resource



High production and operating costs



High inventory



Poor on-time delivery performance



Inadequate implementation of Lean measures

The KPC solution:

  • KPC analyses your current situation, the problems and their causes.
  • According to the Kaizen-/Lean philosophy, we create an individual catalogue of measures and implementation plan, whereby only results count.
  • KPC gives support on-site.
  • Active cooperation between our Lean consultants and the customer during the gradual implementation of lean measures towards a leaner production, result in a significant increase in productivity and reduced operating costs.

Requirements of today's production companies:

Flexibility and speed