Sharing experiences about Kaizen culture 


Lean and Kaizen are not just tools or systems, but represent a corporate philosophy which bundles the vectors of all departments, all management chains and all employees and aligns them with the company's lean future image and long-term goals.

Healthy lean corporations maintain a vibrant Kaizen culture throughout the company and continually strive to challenge the established rules and standards, make improvements and set new standards.


The KPC Study Circle gives clients the opportunity to network with their peers and other practitioners and get insights into best-practice Lean techniques. Topics to explore:

  • What is the role of management in the deployment of lean initiatives. How can they effectively lead and mentor employees during Lean implementation.
  • Techniques to unite all strands of the workforce towards the ideals of Lean and continuous improvement.
  • Management Standards (setting models and standards for management)
  • Shop floor management system
  • How to set up Lean measures concurrently in production, engineering, logistics, sales, quality management

The Study Circle is an open learning forum for honest exchange and gives clients the opportunity to learn from the successes…and mistakes....of others.