KPC 's holistic consulting method includes
the optimization of all business areas

Significant cost reduction is only possible,
when Lean measures are implemented throughout the entire organization and value-added chain

  • Production planning and control

  • Manufacturing

  • Assembly

  • Order processing

  • Purchasing and supplier management

  • Disposition and storage system
  • Quality Management

  • R&D

  • Distribution

  • IT system / ERP- APS-MES

  • Human Resources

  • Management system

Increasing production in individual areas (e.g. purchasing a machine with a super-fast tool changer) does not necessarily lead to an increase in overall efficiency (e.g. reduction of lead time).
We begin where the finished product leaves the company, i.e. at the end of the value-added chain, and gradually optimize all upstream processes ("backwards") with our KPC method.

Quick analysis of problem areas

One of the strengths of KPC's Lean consultants is their ability to quickly analyse problem areas and plan the rapid implementation of improvement measures

  • on-site
  • together with your employees and management team
  • Integrate Lean concepts into your corporate culture, i.e. establish a KAIZEN culture
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