Challenges in industrial production

Today, the production of quality products at acceptable prices is self-evident. The challenge for production companies is how to reduce the overall lead time and inventory under the maxim: manufacture more cost-effectively,  serve customers faster and react more quickly to changes in market conditions.

The answer lies in a "merciless" analysis of all processes and radical continuous improvement.

Even in top companies the pure value-added time for information and material is around 2-3 %!
What remains is either a "necessary evil" or waste.
This is where the great untapped potential lies in any company!
KPC consultants are specialised in analysing and utilizing this potential.

What is value-added time?


Making problems visible



The water line of the long lead times and high inventory conceals many of the company's underlying problems.



Lowering inventories and reducing lead times
make these problems visible.

It is not enough to increase machine productivity or write about the theories of quality assurance.
These are often used to conceal a lack of willingness to employ the concepts of continuous improvement in the process flow.

Our consulting services focus on localizing problems in the processes and coaching employees on how to effectively eliminate them.

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